Adrenaline Park soon to be built in the biggest Complex in Sarajevo

Safet Zajko Complex Center in Sarajevo will soon be enriched with new contents. The construction of an adrenaline park is underway in which visitors will be able to enjoy this year’s spring, when it needs to be in operation.

Along with the mountaineering towers, adrenaline sports lovers will also have nine aviation attractions with various obstacles, and in the next period there will be a zip line and a landing wire as well.

Money from the municipal budget was also allocated for the construction of a sports field with artificial grass and stands, which will be fenced and there will be electricity so it can be used in the evenings. Also, the reconstruction of the building where the dressing rooms will be located is underway.

The football field is designed according to the criteria for children up to 13 years of age and will be divided into three smaller terrains intended for small football and can be split if necessary with a curtain.

The Safet Zajko Center is located in the center of the Novi Grad municipality, five minutes away from tram and bus station. The park includes an athletic trail, a football field with artificial grass, an off-shore track, a basketball court, playgrounds, a beach volleyball court, tennis courts and relaxation benches as well as other facilities.

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