Adnan Ćatić speaks about Doping Issues

felix-sturmGerman boxer of BiH origin Adnan Ćatić-Felix Sturm posted on Instagram on the occasion of the results of the B sample on which he failed in November.

Spokesman of the Prosecutor’s Office from Cologne Daniel Vollmert stated in November that Ćatić also tested positively on the B sample, after the A sample has previously been tested positive.

“B sample was tested. The results are positive, just like for the A sample. Investigation continues,” said Vollmert back then. The German media then reported that Ćatić is facing a prison sentence of up to three years if he is convicted.

After more than a month of silence, Ćatić posted on Instagram and this is his statement:

“I have always been in shape for every fight! It is time for me to say something about all these scams. I was notified on April 15 that I have been tested positively on one steroid. Why it took two months, instead of usual two weeks, no one could tell me. After we included an attorney, he checked all the paperwork related to the sample. The so-called ‘Chain of custody form’ is a part which should contain information about what happened with my sample from the time I submitted it until it arrived to the lab. We received all the paperwork back, except for that last page which contains information about when the sample arrived in the lab, who received it and who analyzed it. After several inquiries, that part was never returned. In addition to that, I never had the right to analyze the B sample in another laboratory, although that is my right. Other athletes have the right to do so! No one has any answer to that question either. Association BDB has never been adequately informed about the positive result. Because of all these reasons the World Association never pronounced a penalty. The case ‘Felix Sturm’ does not exist! There are a lot more interesting details, and this should be enough for now. Thanks to my team, my family, and all my fans”!, Ćatić wrote on Instagram.


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