Admiral Burke: The Western Balkans is important for Peace and Stability in Europe

”Stability and security of the Western Balkans are important for NATO and for peace and stability in Europe, ” said the Commander of the Joint Allied Forces Command in Naples, Admiral Robert Burke, during his first official visit to our region.

Burke met with the Commander of the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Eric Folkestad, the Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH, Senad Masovic, the US Ambassador to BiH, Eric Nelson, and the Hungarian Ambassador to BiH, Krisztian Posa.

He pointed out that he came to visit our region in order to better understand it.

“This is my first visit to this region. I will visit KFOR in Pristina, Sarajevo, and Belgrade. I expect this to be the first in a series of visits. The main goal of this visit is for my team and I to meet with NATO commanders and officials, ” Burke said.

He pointed out that joint work contributes to improvements, and makes everything stronger and more ready for facing today’s security challenges, which are constantly changing and are becoming more complex, the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo announced.

Burke emphasized that he intends to exchange views and ideas, improve established communication channels, and explore opportunities for further enhancement of cooperation.

The statement states that the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo hosts the Commander of the Joint Allied Command in Naples, which represents 30 allies, and is in charge of planning, preparing, and conducting military operations in the entire area of responsibility of the Supreme Allied Command for Europe.

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