Adla Kahric is Head of the National Geographic Research Team for the Mediterranean Sea Rye

Adla Kahric from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has been officially elected for head of the National Geographic Research Team for Population Analysis and Diagnosis of batoid/rye diseases in the Mediterranean Sea.

Through her work, this young scientist will coordinate with experts, students and volunteers whose common task is to appraise the current condition of the batoid populations living in the Mediterranean, on the behalf of this world known organization, and to assess their threats, interspecies relations, and to provide adequate suggestions for the protection of all species who live in that sea.

Kahric is among the few people from Europe who have gotten a prestigious position within the National Geographic. The primary product of her team’s work is a documentary about the diversity and condition of the target species in the Mediterranean, and the publication of several scientific papers.

“I am honored to be another young, successful person in the underdeveloped state, such as BiH, and to prove to many people that persistence, effort, and work through our whole life overwhelms all barriers,” said Kahric for the Patrija news agency.

“The persistent person does not see any obstacles, but only the goal that needs to be pursued, with efforts, without violating interpersonal relationships.“ Kahric added that she is glad that her life has become richer for another challenging mission that encourages her to be more successful while doing research about unexplored sea depths and world.

Although young, Kahric is one of the most well-known marine biologists when it comes to the ryes of the eastern Adriatic Sea. Her current career was based on a great understanding of ecology, anatomy, radiology and rye genetics. She has participated in numerous field researches in the Adriatic and Red Sea. She has published more than 35 original scientific and professional papers, and has participated in a large number of international conferences.

She is also the head of the “Establishing MPAs in BiH” project funded by one of the world’s most renowned foundations, Waitt Foundation: ROC grant program, which recognized the significance of the Neum Gulf diversity at the global level. This is only the sixth project funded by this foundation in Europe.

During her previous involvement, Kahric has worked in the Association for Animal Protection of BiH. She led the expert group that worked on the marine fauna and batoids of BiH. The engagement was developed together with the president of the association and the university professor Suvad Lela. Within the association, she was responsible for a significant contribution to the knowledge of the fauna of BiH, when it comes to marinate species. She has reviewed the numerous groups that have not been known in the country until then.


(Source: nap.ba)

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