Adis Pokvic could Face with One to Five Years Imprisonment for Offensive Messages against Bosniaks and Srebrenica Genocide

August 13, 2019 3:00 PM

Adis Pokvic will face imprisonment of between one and five years in prison because he wrote abusive messages against Bosniaks and Srebrenica genocide at his family’s home and five cars parked in the yard, including his car on August 5th.

Pokvic even made statements to the media about the incident, although he knew that he is giving a false statement. During the interrogation with the police, Pokvic admitted that he wrote these messages and thus committed the criminal offense referred to in Article 163 (1) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Criminal Code.

“Whoever publicly provokes or incites ethnic, racial or religious hatred, strife or intolerance among constituent peoples and others living in the Federation shall be punished by imprisonment for a term between one and five years,” the Criminal Code specified.

“The officials of the Ministry of Interior of the Central Bosnia Canton, in cooperation with police officers of the Federal Police Administration, working to identify the perpetrators of the reported criminal offense of causing national, racial and religious hatred, found out that there was a fake report,” according to the police statement.

As stated by the police, thirty-two years old A. P. admitted to committing acts characterized as causing acts of national, racial and religious hatred, discord, or intolerance.

“Upon completion of the case against the perpetrator, a report will be filed on the criminal offense of causing ethnic, racial and religious hatred, strife or intolerance.”

Pokvic gave statements to the media after the incident, stating that the signs were catastrophic and cowardly.


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