Activists from Croatia and Serbia paid Tribute to Victims from BiH

January 27, 2018 8:45 AM

Activists from organizations for human rights from Croatia, gathered within the regional initiative REKOM, paid tribute to the victims of war in BiH this weekend. The Women in Black from Belgrade joined them as well. They symbolically threw roses into the Neretva River from the Old Bridge in Mostar at the beginning of their visit to our country.

“Here, on the Old Bridge, the bridge that was demolished and has been restored, we are paying out tribute to these victims. Victims who were killed in occupied Mostar, as well as all of those who were killed in Stolac, concentration camps Heliodrom, Dretelj… during the Croatian-Bosniak war,” said Vesna Terselic, head of Documente – the Center for confrontation with the past from Zagreb.

Vesna Terselic also added that it is important that new generations can distance themselves from the past and politics of the then leadership of Croatia and Herceg-Bosna, which were led by Franjo Tudjman in BiH.

Stasa Zajovic, the representative of the Women in Black from Belgrade, said that they are on the Old Bridge in Mostar with the goal to pay tribute to the victims as an act of taking responsibility for the crimes that were committed in her name as well.

“It is important that we are together in this city. The peace that is fragile and unstable is not related to punishment for war crimes. We, from Serbia, have a special sense of shame when it comes to what happened in Mostar because of JNA and the fact that the one who is responsible for that, Momcilo Perisic, was never held responsible for the crimes he committed,” stated Stasa Zajovic.

After throwing roses from the Old Bridge, they laid flowers in the Memorial Park of Osman Djikic. Later on, they attended the meeting with the citizens in the hotel Bristol.

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