Action to Relocated Stećci From ‘Mramorje’ to Bijambare Finished

Stecak Bijambare-1The action to relocate the necropolis of stećci from the area ‘Mramorje’ to Čevljanovići in the protected area of Bijambare, in which the first such project in the protection of the cultural heritage of B&H was implemented in B&H after the war, has finished.

This is about a necropolis of 39 stećci, extremely valuable ones of various shapes and decorations. The area ‘Mramorje’ was not its original location, but they were placed there during the construciton of the Sarajevo-Tuzla highway, where in the last period they were subjected to rapid decay and placed under threat.

Placing the stećci in a new location was done in accordance with maintaining the look of authenticity, with the original location found in the available literature.

After placing them in a new location, in Bijambare, the stećci are now in a place that is around 360 square meters.

(Source: Fena)

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