Action Started for Reconstruction of Observatory on Trebević

orionTea Temim from Mostar is a doctor of astrophysics who is employed at the US Space Agency (NASA), and together with the company Orion has launched a global campaign whose goal is to gather money for the reconstruction of the astronomical observatory found on Trebević.

Astronomy enthusiasts from B&H are, unfortunately, deprived of the possibility of observing the celestial bodies, stars, systems, planets and other objects and processes in the universe. However, the popularization of astronomy, especially among young people, is constantly being worked on by the astronomical society Orion. Therefore, a global action was launched with the goal to gather resources for the reconstruction of the observatory Čolina on Trebević.

‘’Through the website Indiegogo we started a campaign whose goal is to gather resources for the reconstruction of the Astronomical Society in the next two years. Thus, we can concentrate on seeking funds (EU and the like) for the final restoration of the observatory. The response of our friends, admirers from the world of astronomy is satisfactory for now’’, said Muhamed Muminović, the President of Orion.

He said that Orion, despite the lack of observatories and instruments, decided to engage in activities that do not cost much, and yet provide useful scientific data. Three video cameras have been set up, in Sarajevo, Gradačac and Pelješac. The cameras record the clear night sky in order to register the flight of meteors. During the half-year probationary period we recorded close to 6.000 orbits of these bodies that could fall on the ground, and explosions of two extremely bright meteors were recorded.

Orion called on all those who are able to help in order to finance the work of the company and finally restore the observatory that was completely destroyed during the war. The action will last until January 2014.

More information can be found on the FB page ‘Bringing Astronomy back to B&H’.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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