AccuWeather released the Forecast for the Winter in the Balkans Region

The American private meteorological company AccuWeather announced the seasonal forecast for the climatic winter in Europe. This forecast refers to the months of December, January, and February.

North Europe and parts of Western Europe can expect major problems in a form of cold and frequent storms that will bring large amounts of rainfall as well, according to AccuWeather. And although the beginning of winter in Europe will not bring the usual low temperatures that we are used to, forecasts state that the end of the winter will be much colder, with temperatures even below the average for that part of the year.

The area from the south of Spain, across Italy and to the Balkan region, can expect the winter with rainfall below the average, as announced by AccuWeather.

“Less rainfall than it is usual for the winter will further increase the possibility of drought, but also the risk of fire in the area from southern Spain to the Balkan region,” as stated by AccuWeather.

Snowstorms are not expected this winter in the Balkans region. Actually, they should be rare and quick. The highest chance for snowstorms will be in the second half of the winter, i.e. late January and February.

Citizens of Middle Europe will have to wait for the real winter until the next year or to be exact, until the end of January. A large amount of snow or temperatures below average are not expected in the upcoming months, but the end of the winter, or the month of February, should be cold and with large amounts of snow.

The Baltic countries, unlike the rest of Europe, will be having a really snowy winter time with long periods of very low temperatures.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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