AccuWeather: New Floods on the Balkans in Spring?

new flood on springWhile winter has spared most of Europe, which can look forward to the absence of extreme cold weather, many wonder what spring will bring to the Old Continent.

As AccuWeather writes, the beginning of spring will accompany the Southern Europe with storms, and thus the heavy precipitations that could result in floods.

While the beginning of the spring will spare from rain even the wet Great Britain, Italy and Balkan Peninsula cannot hope to anything good, writes the meteorologist Eric Leister.

The biggest threat of floods spreads over the south and central Italy, over the entire Balkan all the way to Hungary and Slovakia at the north and west Turkey at the southeast.

“In the combination with the wet winter which brought heavy snowfall mainly on the highest mountains and continued storms, conditions for floods will be created“ said Leister who adds that besides heavy rains, our region will also be accompanied with the below- average temperatures.

As the spring will progress with increased temperatures, the problem with floods will eventually disappear, and Romania and Bulgaria will have to deal with the local stormy weather which can induce the formation of tornadoes in May, writes Leister.

(Source: klix.ba)

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