Accounts of Coal Mine Breza blocked because of 4.5 Million BAM Debt

The Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has blocked the accounts of the Breza Brown Coal Mine and the Zenica Brown Coal Mine, and the miners in Breza have already announced a strike for January 22. 

Due to the blockade of the accounts of RMU Breza, in the coming days it will not be neitehr possible to apply the current collective agreement on the rights and obligations of employers and workers in the field of mining in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor the payment of salaries and other benefits for December last year. 

This is not the first time that the account of RMU Breza has been blocked due to debts which, according to the latest information, amount to 4.5 million BAM. 

The decision to announce the strike was made yesterday, and the miners will hold a protest on January 22 to express their dissatisfaction. 

As finds out, the account of the Zenica Brown Coal Mine has also been blocked, from which this problem has not yet been announced. After the payment of a little more than two million BAM, the account of the Kakanj Brown Coal Mine has been unblocked and there will be no problems in the payment of income to the Kakanj miners.

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