Accommodation in Neum filled, Prices affordable

Our only town by the sea is quite filled in the heart of the season, and the main reasons for this are affordable prices and the fact that you are spending your vacation in your own country. The accompanying infrastructure in Neum should be further improved.

A large percentage of 17, 000 beds are occupied, which is the considered capacity of only BH town by the sea. A total of 2, 000 of those beds are in four large hotels and they are mostly occupied by foreigners, and the rest are domestic guests. You really have to make an effort to hear a dialogue that is not in one of “our local” languages, and the feeling that you are on the sea but still home gives a whole new dimension to the vacation.

The prices are acceptable for a town on the sea, and you will pay 2.5 BAM for a coffee with milk, which is not expensive. You will have to pay about 3.5 BAM for some juice or beer in a catering facility, which is 30 % more expensive than in some of our other towns. Prices in stores and bakeries do not differ from others in our country.

The food in the catering facilities is also not expensive. You will have to allocate 9 or 10 BAM for a very good pizza in a decent restaurant right next to the largest beach in Neum.

The cheapest accommodation you can find in Neum is 15 BAM per bed, but those are rooms where you get only a bed and they are mostly far away from the beach.

Beaches show that the place is full of tourists better than any statistics. It is very difficult to find a place at the two or three main beaches. You will also have to pay 6 BAM for a deck chair, and another 6 BAM for a sunshade.

Neum, the popular Bosnian sea side, is a real phenomenon because you will not find anything similar in the whole Adriatic area. It is difficult to define its specificity, i.e. comparative advantage, but the people who fill the last place are the best proof that something like that really exists.

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