Academy 387 and the Municipality of Novi Grad: Project for Employing the Staff Registered at the Federal Employment Bureau

July 31, 2014 3:00 PM

ACADThe “Academy 387”, educative center within the HUB 387 in cooperation with the Municipality of Novi Grad is starting the implementation of a project for qualification of young staff. The analysis of all those registered at the Federal Employment Bureau shows that there is a great number of highly qualified staff with finished education in all kinds of areas, unable to find a job.

“The main objective of this program is to improve the possibilities for the employment of the highly qualified staff with finished education in a “non-technical” area in the ICT companies. IT as an industry is one of the most increasing industries in B&H. That way, we will try to ensure that the staff with no technical skills gets a good basis so we could increase its competitiveness at the labour market and to give them a chance to find a job in one of the most perspective industry of this decade.” – said Ines Avdić, coordinator of the Academy 387 program.

A study by the initiative “eSkills for Jobs” included an assessment which shows that by the year 2020 there will be a lack of 900 000 ICT experts in EU. The fact that since 2006, there is 9.5 % less ICT professionals who graduate per year in EU is alarming.

“We believe ICT is one of the sectors to focus intensively on because it can, along with certain investments, ensure a larger number of quality workplaces. We are very pleased the Municipality of Novi Grad recognized that opportunity and we surely hope to see more initiatives like this in the future as well. We are prepare to contribute.” said Edin Saračević, founder of the HUB 387.

A public notice to apply for the training in the IT field is open till august 7th 2014. More information, as well as the public notice is available through the following link:

HUB 387 is the first technological park in the centre of Sarajevo. Since autumn 2013 when it was open, it became home to more than 14 IT companies. The concept of HUB 387 is based on an idea to gather regional IT communities in order to develop a more potent IT eco-system. It is oriented towards the improvement of cooperation and a faster transfer of data as well as towards creating a climate which encourages innovations and entrepreneurship.

(Source: Radio Sarajevo)

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