Good news: Eighty Percent of Baby Arslan’s Tumour destroyed

Baby boy Arslan Kulacic, who was transferred to Istanbul for the treatment of a malignant brain tumour on January 30, celebrated his first birthday together with his family and medical staff. His birthday party was organized in the conference hall of the hospital.

The boy got a birthday cake and gifts, and Arslan’s grandfather and grandma attended the party as well.

His father thanked the hospital on behalf of their whole family, as well as all the good people from all around the world who offered their financial assistance.

Cengiz Canpolat, the doctor from the Department of Children’s Haematology and Oncology at Acibadem Altunizade Clinic, stated that they completed first five chemotherapy cycles.

He noted that about 80 % of brain tumour was removed.

He added that this little boy is now laughing, they noticed progress on the neurological side as well, and his vital functions normalized.

He also said that his sight on one eye was partially returned, while the tumour needs to be further reduced in order to return the sight to his other eye as well.

He stated that their goal is to completely remove the tumour and make boy’s life tumour free.

“These tumours are difficult, resistant, dangerous and they possess a great potential for spreading. The boy reacted well to the therapy so far, and we are hoping that he will continue making progress,” said Dr. Canpolat, and added that they are hoping that the boy will be healthier before his next birthday.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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