Abdulah Skaka elected for the New Mayor of Sarajevo

Abdulah SkakaAbdulah Skaka (SDA) was elected as the new Mayor of Sarajevo yesterday at the session of the City Council.

For Skaka voted 16 of 28 city councilors. He was elected as mayor thanks to the fact that the SDA and SBB ensured a majority in the new session of the City Council.

Abdulah Skaka was the deputy of the former mayor Ivo Komsic and president of the Municipal Committee of the SDA Stari Grad.

Skaka previously received support from the human resources committee of the SDA, the Cantonal Board of SDA Sarajevo and the Presidency of the Party of Democratic Action.

City Councilor Vibor Handzic (Our party) as a candidate for mayor of Sarajevo proposed Member of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo Sabina Cudic. She won 12 votes in favor, 9 abstained and 7 voted against.

Members of the Commission for selection and appointment of the Mayor of Sarajevo were city councilors Velija Katica, Srdjan Simonovic, Tea Drekovic, Srdjan Srdic, Dado Stojnic, Mira Juric and Bajro Biber.

As deputies of the Mayor of Sarajevo were elected Ivica Saric (SDA) and Milan Trivic.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)

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