A Welcome and Discounts for BiH Diaspora at Border Crossings

savez dijaspoerAfter the website www.dijasporacard.com was launched at the beginning of May, the project DijasporaCard gathered around more than 30 companies in BiH that are trying to position themselves as businesses that wish to work with BiH diaspora.

Membership in the club has been generated so far by more than 300 representatives of the diaspora that have in this way secured shopping with discounts, as well as a number of other benefits.

The aim of this project is to ensure an offer for BiH diaspora in one place and under favorable terms of purchase, so owners of DijasporaCard cards in BiH can shop with discounts on goods and services from five to sixty percent an unlimited number of times a year.

This summer, from 24 July, DijasporaCard, IZImobil, Petrol and Fabrika duhana Sarajevo will at the border crossings of Bosanski Brod, Orašje, Novi Grad, Bosanska Gradiška and Doljani be one of the first to wish a warm welcome to BiH diaspora and a pleasant stay in BiH, and inform them of the saving options during their stay in the country.

Members of the BiH diaspora will be given vouchers for free coffee at petrol gas stations as a sign of welcome.

The DijasporaCard project, with its partners IZImobil and petrol gas stations, created the service that would allow them a more comfortable stay, as well as significant savings during their stay in the country. This way in all 37 gas stations members of the BIH diaspora could buy a package IZImobil DijasporaCard that contains a phone, IZImobil start package, and the DijasporaCard Classic card.

The use of IZImobil package during their stay in BiH will give them savings of up to 90 percent on the cost of mobile phones, or roaming services.

(Source: Fena)

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