A Village Hum in Bugojno: Forgotten Beauty that is hard to describe

June 12, 2018 5:00 PM

A vivid landscape, whose beauty is hard to describe and a narrow, gravel, forest road that leads to the village Hum, is the first thing by a man who, accidentally or not, arrive at the farthest part of Bugojno municipality.

Few people know this, but in Susljici, that are located about two kilometers from Hum, there is one of the most beautiful tombstone necropoleis in B&H. There is also a nearby lake, as well as well known “good water“, for which those who washed their face with it, claim that it helped them a lot.

Otherwise, a clear and clean water which this area abounds with, and slopes that are covered with various medical herbs during the season, especially with blueberries, are treasures which the inhabitants of Hum can be proud of.

Though, there are many things that should be changed. Their wish is to get a road and to live as they lived once.

For them, Hum is a real “tourist gem“ for which is a sin not to share it with others, and a way to bring a little serenity and hope in better days of than those being experienced by inhabitants now, to this area, forgotten by all.


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