A Unit of the Armed Forces of BiH is being formed according to NATO Standards

NATO commended the activities of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in building the Light Infantry Battalion Group, a unit within the AFBiH, which is fully qualified to operate in accordance with NATO standards and procedures.

These activities, according to NATO, will improve the capabilities of the BiH Armed Forces to make an active contribution to future peace support operations, as well as support to all BiH residents during crisis situations.

They shared a photo from Manjaca on Facebook, where a military exercise according to NATO standards “SEL-2” was held.

“Military uniforms from across the region and beyond could be seen on Manjaca, while BiH, with the support of NATO and our 30 allies and 40 partners, has taken another step towards a unit that will be accredited to meet international standards,” NATO said.

“Thank you to our hosts from the BiH Armed Forces and our colleagues from the entire alliance for this kind of cooperation and partnership, which gives NATO its strength,” they added.

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