A Total of 228 Million BAM worth Mobile Phones imported in BiH in 2018

February 19, 2019 2:00 PM

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2018, telephone equipment was imported in the amount of about 228 million BAM, on which the country earned 55 million BAM.

Although imports of telephone devices in BiH have grown steadily over the last few years, imports stagnation occurred in the previous year, which may mean there is a market saturation or telephones are more bought abroad and over the Internet, Capital.ba reports.

Thus, since 2012, when the value of imported phones amounted to 70.6 million BAM, this amount increased to record 237.8 million BAM in 2017, to fall by nearly nine million to 229 million BAM last year, data provided by the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH to the portal “Capital.ba”.

Authorities in BiH record the volume of imported telephone equipment per kilogram, not by number, bringing 779 kilograms imported in the previous year, while 735 kilograms were imported in 2017.

Based on the import tariffs of the telephones, the Indirect Taxation Authority of the previous year generated revenue of some 55 million BAM, while in 2017 these revenues amounted to approximately 57 million BAM.

The number of mobile subscribers in 2017 was 3,440,085, a slight increase of 1.1 percent, while the total traffic of the mobile network was 2,492,532,096 minutes, showing a 6.3 percent drop compared to 2016.

According to the BiH Agency for Statistics, the total number of active fixed line telephone lines of the dominant operators in 2017 was 695,536, which is less by 6,6 percent than in 2016.




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