A test Model of the first BiH Radar set on the Road Section Lepenica – Tarcin

On the section of the highway: A1 Lepenica – Tarcin, a test model of the first radar from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was set, and it will be used for the purposes of testing and development of this device.

After the photos of the installed radar on the section of the road A1 Lepenica – Tarcin showed up on social networks, Public Utility Autoceste of Federation of BiH (FBiH) was contacted, and they explained what kind of radar it was.

“On the road section Lepenica – Tarcin, approval was given for the radar setting and testing. The radar is still not in function, and since this is the development of the first BiH radar, it was installed only for product testing. The installed radar is not linked with any other police radars, ” it was announced.

Although the radar is in its test phase and is still not functional, drivers are urged to respect the speed limits.

“Public Utility Autoceste FBiH has no influence on the installation of fixed or mobile radars on the highway which is done by the police, and we certainly point out that all users are obliged to follow the set speed limits,” it was noted from the Public Utility Autoceste FBiH, Klix.ba writes.

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