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A Story about the Master in Law raising Sheep will delight You

master in law agricultureAfter this story, all prejudices about shepherds and shepherdesses will immediately stop.

Namely, Snjezana Anokic Rigalo lives and earns for living at the farm in Dobrogosce, the settlement with five houses and thirteen inhabitants, but regardless of their profession, she can be proud that she is the most educated shepherdess.

“I could choose where will I live and what will I deal with, and that helped me to understand what I really want. I want to enjoy nature and be my own boss“.

Snjezana spent her youth in Bogdanovici near Vukovar, and when the war started, she escaped to Italy as a 19-year-old girl, while her family settled in Djakovo region. In the years that followed, she studied at the Faculty of Law in Osijek, she met her husband in Djakovo, passed driver exams, got a master degree, gave birth to her daughters Andrea and Matea, taught Italian in one institution, visited many of the European countries, Egypt, India etc.

Snjezana and Darko now have 27 hectares of land in Dobrogosce, where around 300 sheep and lambs are grazing. They have no problems with the sale, they managed to save some money for the expansion and renovation of the house, and they also have their own house in Djakovo.

“The work on the farm is physically harder than that in a lawyer office or classroom, but I think that it is hard to work with people nowadays“.

(Source: novi.ba)

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