A Solar Power Plant put into Operation

solar power plantMinister of Industry, Energy and Mining of RS, Petar Djokic, yesterday officially put into operation a solar power plant pf installed power of 240KW that is located within the Termal Power Plant Ugljevik.

“At the World Day of Environment Protection, Electric Power Industry of RS and its subsidiary company Mine and the Thermal Power Plant (RTE) Ugljevik promote the culture of building of objects from the renewable energy sources and encourage others on such activities“, said Djokic.

He commended the work of RTE Ugljevik, as well as its commitment to include in the world trends of electricity production from renewable sources and reminded that this energy giant is producing around 30% of electricity in RS.

“In terms of energy package, RS took a series of the Energy community for Southeastern Europe, while encouraging the building of power plants from renewable energy sources and all activities at the protection of the environment“, emphasized Djokic.

Engineer Miroslav Gavric said to journalists that the solar power plant was built for own needs of RTE Ugljevik, and that the solar power plant of much more power will be built at the large areas of degraded land of coal mines.

He reminded that the company is obliged to, after the exploitation, put the land bac to the intended purpose, and the building of solar power plants is one of possibilities to provide that in the future.

The current solar power plant is projected ath 330.000 kWh per year, with the own investment of RTE Ugljevik of around half million BAM.

Gavric said that this location has up to 1.300 kWh of average solar radiation per meter square, which makes it among better locations in RS.


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