A seven-member Family Basic from Gracanica urgently needs Home

Association MFS-EMMAUS started urgent appeal for help of the construction of a house for seven-member family Basic from the settlement Lendici in Gracanica, which is fighting to survive.

Kadira Basic with her unemployed and sick husband and five children lives in a house that looks like small abandoned forest cottage without proper living conditions. Seven of them live from child allowance and daily allowance that they earn with physical work.

From the association MFS-EMMAUS was stated that they had visited this family and provided food and hygienic supplies packages for them, as well as clothes and shoes for children, and that they were really surprised with the situation.

“We had to return after the first visit. We tried to arrange the space where they live by cleaning the house, bringing some new furniture, a fridge that they haven’t had before and toys for children. This family urgently needs every kind of help but the most needed is land for the construction of a house. No one deserves that kind of life on this world, especially these children. It is very difficult to watch them spending their childhood in such bad conditions,” as stated from MFS-EMMAUS.

This association is going to work on finding funds for purchasing adequate land in the following period in order to build a new house with the help of donors and move this family from unhygienic conditions where they currently live.

They kindly asked all good people, institutions, companies and organizations to take this appeal seriously and join them in this humanitarian mission.

Everyone interested to help can call association on the phone number: +387 35726 690.

You can make your donations in money on following accounts:


Intesa Sanpaolo Bank



Foreign currency account:


IBAN: BA39 1542 0011 0008 5746


Uni Credit Bank



Foreign currency account:


IBAN: BA39 3389104805723482


Purpose: Help for family Basic

PayPal: donate@mfs-emmaus.ba

(Source: klix.ba)

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