A Pulmonary Lobectomy successfully performed on a Baby for the First Time in BiH

Paediatric and thoracic surgeons, with the support and in co-operation with paediatricians, anaesthesiologists and radiologists of the Clinical University Center Sarajevo KCUS, saved the life of a one month-old boy from Bosanska Krupa. The baby was admitted to the Paediatric Clinic with extremely severe breathing problems caused by lung disease, as announced from KCUS.

Pulmonary lobectomy has to be performed in this type of cases. This is the first time in BiH that this procedure was performed on one month old baby.

The head of the team was the head of the Clinic for Thoracic Surgery, Doc. Dr. Ilijaz Pilav, while Doc. Dr. Kenan Karavdic was member of the team on behalf of the Paediatric Surgery. There was also an anaesthesiologist, Dr. Amira Mesic and Dr. Raho Spahovic, from the Department of Neonatal Intensive Care and Neonatology of Paediatric Clinic 2.

Doc. Dr.Kenan Karavdic said that in cases where children with congenital disease do not have any symptoms, they are waiting for the child to turn one year of age, after which is performed a pulmonary lobectomy. In this case, however, because of the situation of life endangerment, the surgical procedure was urgently performed.

“Colleagues at the Clinical Hospital in Bihac, where the baby was placed before his treatment on the KCUS, established that the boy had severe breathing problems, and they urgently sent him to our Paediatric Clinic. After he was admitted on the KCUS, a team of doctors, i.e. paediatric and thoracic surgeons, were monitoring his condition in order to discuss all possibilities for further treatment. The consortium made a decision on an emergency surgery, but since the baby was under one month of age, we had to wait a few days for the surgery procedure. The surgery was successfully completed. The boy spent ten days at Neonatal Intensive Care of the Paediatric Clinic, after which he was transferred to the Department of Paediatric Surgery. He stayed in this department for four days, after which he was released,” stated Doc. Dr. Karavdic.

Director General of KCUS, Prof. Dr. Sebija Izetbegovic, noted that the life of one month-old baby was saved thanks to timely reaction, early diagnosis and teamwork of physicians.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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