A Present for Pope Francis: Picture unified BH Diversities

SLIKA POKLONJENA PAPI OBJEDINILA BH RAZLIÈITOSTI (Foto)A famous dentist from Sarajevo, Nadir Bicakcic, impelled by messages of peace of Pope Francis, decided to present a picture to Pope Francis immediately after it has been announced that the Head of Vatican will visit Sarajevo on 6th June.

In the forefront of the painting is Pope’s portrait with raised hand in salute and white dove, sbol of peace, and in the background are places of worship of four biggest religions in B&H. There is a Cathedral of Jesus’ heart, Congregational Church, Bey’s Mosque and Synagogue.

A painting is a work of academic painter Dzevdet Nikocevic, who exhibited his works throughout the world, and idea for the painting was of Bicakcic and owner of the Gallery “CD Art“, Darko Coric, who made a corresponding frame in soft white colors.

Bicakcic said that Pope Francis is a great man who represents the country of Vatican, one of the first that confirmed B&H as an independent country.

He emphasized that Pope’s attitude towards social vulnerable population of the entire planet delighted him, but also his attitude towards differences, multinationals and multireligions as there is in B&H.

“I presented him a painting because I wanted this picture to always remind him of what B&H is since immemorial times, and that is how we should stay, because differences are really our biggest treasure“, emphasized Bicakcic.

Coric said that a strange combination of circumstances is connected to the painting that is handed to the Apostolic Nuncio in B&H, Luigi Pezzuto.

“Namely, Pope sent the message to B&H on the eve of his arrival in which he emphasized BH diversities. Exactly those diversities are unified in this picture that was painted much earlier. Unconsciously, we pointed out what Pope pointed out later in his message“, said Coric.

The painting was made in an unusual technique on the acrylic paper, which is why it seems to be done in watercolor, and Coric said that at the same time, when this painting was painted, the official poster at which almost the same Pope’s portrait was used, has been done.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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