A New Coalition in the FB&H possible?

new coalition FB&HAfter DF, after weeks of games, finally left the coalition at the level of FB&H, SDA and HDZ B&H will have to search a new coalition partners. It seems that the most real option is the coalition of these two parties with smaller parties that have several representatives in the Parliament of the Federation of  B&H, and they are Stranka za B&H, BPS Sefer Halilovic and A-SDA.

Amer Jerlagic, president of Stranka za B&H, confirmed that the initiatial contacts were made and that they are expecting the first meeting in this week on which they would talk about the possible entrance of this party to the government. Leaders os A-SDA and BPS also confirmed that they are interested in talks and that they accept to talk about the possible coalition.

Mathematically, SDA, HDZ B&H, Stranka za B&H, BPS and A-SDA could form a parliamentary majority.

In the House of Representatives, SDA has 29 deputies, HDZ B&H 13, Stranka za B&H 3, BPS 4 and A-SDA 2 deputies. Five parties that would make a new government have 51 deputies in the House of Representatives if the Parliament of FB&H, AND 50 deputies are needed for a simple majority.

In any case, Federation of B&H again enters a period of negotiating of platforms and principles, allocation of ministerial and other position and the establishment of the new government.

(Source: klix.ba)

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