A Month Standing at the City Square and “Not Speaking”

JELENA-TOPIC-PRIJEDORShe neither speaks nor moves, and doesn’t even gives up. There are no statements for media either. Jelena Topić has been standing at the square in Prijedor for a month and “does not speak” as local media quoted.

Jelena Topić, which stands on the main square in Prijedor protests because has no job.

She protests every day regardless of weather conditions. She is there every day for a certain amount of time. Where she stands there are citizens and children who unsuccessfully try to speak with her or to make her laugh …

According to her acquaintances, Jelena studied film and television directing at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, as well as philosophy.

She wrote on the podium where she stands every day: “I speak or I do not speak, no one hears me”.

(Source: Nezavisne.com)

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