A Man from Bosnia made People from Diaspora pick up the Garbage they threw into the River (video)

A conscientious resident of Jelah, after noticing that unknown persons were throwing garbage from a car with foreign license plates, forced them to pick it up and recorded everything after which he posted the video on his Facebook profile.

The fight of eco associations for clean rivers and the environment is getting stronger and a large number of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are brave enough to take matters into their own hands, thus they regularly report illegal waste disposal to inspections, while some decide to take matters into their own hands.

In a video that is popular on social networks, the man, after noticing that garbage from German-marked vehicle ends up in the Usora River near Jelah, decided to catch up with them and force them to go to the place where they dumped the garbage,and take it to an adequate location.

While justifying that they did not have a container to dispose of their garbage, the man gave them few ways of how they could dispose of that garbage, and one of them was that they could throw it in any bin and that no one would complain.

In the end, however, the water did not take away the garbage, as the woman in the video mentioned, but their car with which they came to the vacation in BiH, Klix.ba writes.

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