A group from Slovenia visited the stone spheres park in Zavidovici

kamene kugleA group called Manas from Slovenia visited the stone spheres park in Zavidovici. Along with mediation they have activated and harmonized the energy of their hearts. This all were accompanied by Tibetan bowls, the big gong and the didgeridoo within the beautiful nature of the park. In addition, the fascinating sound of the harmony synergized with the natural environment of the stone spheres.

One of the greatest mysteries for archaeologists and other scientific researchers today represents the phenomenon of stone spheres. First stone spheres were found in the early 1930’s in the delta of river Diquis in Costa Rica. Since then were found hundreds of stone spheres of many different sizes in different locations of the world. Many of them are built from the mineral called granodiorite that is very firm. Bosnian stone spheres phenomenon was actualized in 2004 when Mr. Semir Osmanagic and his team of independent researchers and historians found few stone spheres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Source: kamenekugle)

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