A Family with three Children and a Baby in their Arms slept in the Cold on the Street


Even though there were discussions about the competences, assistance options and the possible accommodation location for migrants, dramatic scenes took place again at the bus station in Tuzla.

Two migrant families with four children, one of whom is still baby, arrived from common route Kalesija – Tuzla.

‘’We witnessed a horrible scene at 3 am when we were informed that unfortunate people had arrived in Tuzla. The frost began to rise, and we did our best to provide them with any assistance in those moments. They spent the night on the street,’’ volunteers from the Bus station in Tuzla said.

Another hundred migrants slept in cold weather on the asphalt of the train station and the plateau of the bus station. The first frosts have started and the temperatures will increasingly go below zero.

‘’I am pretty sure that Tuzla will experience a humanitarian disaster. People are nervous and dissatisfied. I’m scared of incidents among themselves,’’ says one of the volunteers.

The Tuzla Canton (TC) Assembly discussed the migrant crisis. Suggestions for the opening temporary centers in the ‘’Ljubace’’ barracks and Bukinje mine were rejected. There were proposals to form some kind of reception center, but there was no conclusion at the last session. Members of the TC Assembly will re-discuss the migrant topic on November 28th, Avaz portal reports.


(Photo: nezavisni.ba)


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