A Deputy in Croatian Parliament volunteered in the Camp for Migrants in Bihac

Bojan Glavasevic, a deputy of SDP in the Parliament of Croatia volunteered in a refugee camp in Bihac at the beginning of August, and he wrote his feedback on that experience. This is a positive example of drawing attention to the problems of migrants and the example of concrete action.

“My family and I survived persecution during the war. We will never forget the despair that we felt when we did not know where were our loved ones, in a strange town, without a roof over our heads, while being totally dependent on the mercy of some unknown people. Luckily, people were more than nice to us. Good people opened their hearts and homes to me and my family, as well as many other families who were persecuted from different parts of Croatia, and they helped us build our lives again. They did not just let us to the fate and horrors of war. They were not selfish, they had big hearts,” said Glavasevic.

He also recalled that there are about 5,000 migrants from different parts of the world at the very entrance to the EU, in BiH, in towns of Bihac and Velika Kladusa.

“All volunteers, all international organizations that are working with refugees – IOM, JRS, Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, UNHCR, and others – they are all doing a great job. If it was not for them, especially volunteers – the situation would be very difficult. It would be very easy to say that the destiny of these people is not our problem. Many people might even say that people in our country are in a difficult situation as well, that our people are poor as well. And they will be right – at least to some extent. Yes, they came here uninvited, that is true, but they came here because they were in need, they came because they had no other option. They came because they wanted the same thing that everyone else in the world wants for their children – an opportunity for the future. We are responsible for them because no one else will take the responsibility. We cannot close our eyes in front of the human suffering that is happening right in front of our borders. If you have the opportunity, get yourself included. Just take three days to volunteer, meet them, get to know them. Croatia has a big heart. Let’s show it to the migrants and the whole world,” stated Glavasevic.

(Source: klix.ba)


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