A Century Old Tradition: Museum of Woodcarving opened in Konjic

The Head of the European Union (EU) delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Lars-Gunnar Wigemark opened on Wednesday a Museum of Woodcarving in Konjic, a city located some 60 kilometers southwest of the capital Sarajevo.

Celebrating the 100thanniversary of this craft in family, the museum is dedicated to woodcarvings of all 4 generations focusing on the history of this craft which is included in the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage in 2017.

“This is not only about the tradition and history, but also about future and giving new opportunities and opening news work places,” Wigemark noted after the opening ceremony.

The museum design is based on wood, and it gives visitors a perspective through history of woodcarving that started in 1919 when there were no machines, but all wood cutting and shapes making were done by hand.

Through photographs, video, and furniture exhibition, the aim of the museum is to preserve the one century long tradition of woodworking, but also to continue this craft in the future.

The museum is also telling a story of how community craft turned into business and art, combining traditional craft with modern design.

Woodcarving, a process of cutting into the surface of wood to create a decorative shape or pattern, includes furniture, interior design and decorative objects that are recognizable by their motifs and visual identity in general.

Woodcarving represents a key part of local community culture in BiH, a real measure of the beauty and comfort of a home interior, and the tradition that makes a sense of community and belonging.

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