A Boy who was hit by a Train died in Banja Luka

A seven-year-old boy who was hit by a passenger train in the area of ​​Banja Luka died due to the severity of his injuries at the University Clinical Center (UCC) of Republika Srpska.

The UCC of Republika Srpska announced that the boy was brought to the Emergency Center of the UCC last night at 9.15 pm and was admitted in a polytraumatized condition.

“Surgical care was done, but despite all the efforts of our doctors and medical staff to save his life, the patient died at 10.15 pm due to the severity of the injuries,” the statement reads.

The company “Republika Srpska Railways” announced last night that a passenger train hit a pedestrian moving on the line between Banja Luka and Ramici stations, and that the injured person was transported to the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska.

The accident happened last night at 7.33 pm, the driver, seeing a pedestrian of a younger age moving on the railway, gave sound warning signals and started to brake, but the pedestrian continued to move and the train hit him.

Upon the report of the emergency, the competent services of the Emergency Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska, as well as the Commission for Emergency Events “Railways of the Republika Srpska” immediately went to the scene.

The driver underwent an alcohol test on the spot, which was negative.

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