859.110 Euros from EU Funds Spent for Reconstruction of Kastel in Banja Luka

tvrdjava_kastel_banja_lukaaSignificant works on the reconstruction of the Banja Luka fortress ‘Kastel’ are finished. 2,5 million Euros have been provided from the pre-accession funds of the EU for the first phase.

From the beginning of reconstruction in June of this year, until the end of November, the total value of the works is 859.110 Euros.

At the building of the museum-the plastering of the interior walls of the stone house has been made, horizontal and vertical insulation has been made, and windows have been installed.

At the same time, mechanical works have been carried out, which includes installation of substations, underfloor heating and ventilation, and works on electrical installations.

Next year, the reconstruction of the unit 2 is expected, which will include the summer stage. For unit 2, the EU will also allocate an additional 1,13 million Euros.

(Source: Fena)

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