85 Multimillionaires in BiH

NOVAC EUROThe recent analysis by the World Wealth Report (WUWR) 2012-2013 shows that Croatia is a leader in the region when it comes to the number of multimillionaires.

It is estimated that in Croatia there are 260 multimillionaires, and 85 in BiH.

According to the criteria of WUWR, a multimillionaire is defined as someone who has a wealth of more than 30 million dollars.

There are 90 multimillionaires in Serbia, and 21 in Montenegro.

The research of one of the most renowned world consulting houses for the financial sector Boston Consulting Group has shown that a total wealth of private households in the world in 2012 amounted to 135,5 billion dollars.

This is a growth of 7,3 percent, and the most number of new multimillionaires come from Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Asian-Pacific region. In the category of ultramillionaires, those whose wealth exceeds 100 million dollars, belongs to 13,8 million people.


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