82 New Cases of Coronavirus Infection in Sarajevo

At the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, 365 samples were tested for the presence of coronavirus, and 82 patients in Sarajevo tested positive. In Gorazde, three people are positive, in Travnik nine, in Bugojno and Busovaca two each, in Ustikolina and Nova Bila one person each. At the Podhrastovi Clinic in Sarajevo, there are 72 patients, and one is on a respirator.

Yesterday, six deaths have been registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a result of COVID-19 infection, four in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one each in Republika Srpska and Brcko District. Of the total number tested in 24 hours, coronavirus was confirmed in 305 persons yesterday.

As for the Federation of BiH, four deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, and they were men from Sarajevo (1940), Tuzla (1941), Vareš (1958) and Kalesija (1939).

In the past 24 hours (up to 12 hours), 1,122 samples were tested, of which 179 were positive for COVID-19. New cases have been registered in all cantons in the Federation of BiH.

As of today, 80,469 samples have been tested in the Federation of BiH so far, and COVID-19 has been confirmed in 5,457 people. A total of 2,515 patients recovered, 138 patients recovered in the past 24 hours. There are currently 2,823 active cases of COVID-19, and 119 deaths have been reported so far.

As for the Republika Srpska, 546 laboratory samples were tested in the past 24 hours, and the virus was confirmed in another 125 people, according to the RS Institute of Public Health.

One death was reported, but it was not announced where he died from. There are currently 249 coronavirus patients in RS hospitals.

According to the data of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, which are published daily for the whole of BiH, one newly infected person was recorded in the Brčko District, but also, unfortunately, one death, Radio Sarajevo news portal reports.

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