82 % of Foreign Investors would reinvest in BiH?

The main topic of the roundtable that was organized by BBI Bank and BBI VIP Business Club yesterday in Mostar was “How to increase the competitiveness of the economy of Mostar and Herzegovina – Internationalization of business operations, opportunities for development, finding investors and opening new markets”.

The round table was attended by around 80 businessmen from this region, and it was organized in cooperation with the Regional Economic Development Association of Herzegovina – REDAH, the Economic Chamber of Commerce of FBiH, the Economic Chamber of the City of Mostar, and the Foreign Investors Council.

“This gathering is aimed at shifting the focus from politics to the economy. We insist on the improvement of the business environment through amendments to the law and the improvement of operating conditions of both domestic and foreign companies,” stated Sanja Miovcic, the Executive Director of the Foreign Investors Council. She also presented results of a research that was conducted among foreign investors, of which 82 % would reinvest in BiH and two thirds of them would recommend BiH for investment.

The Executive Director of LRC, Emil Kuckovic, presented a detailed analysis of economic trends in Herzegovina, and Zeljko Raguz, the Director of the Sector for Economic and Legal Affairs presented a successful cooperation on the promotion of the Sarajevo Business Forum on behalf of the Economic Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH. The Technological Park “Intera” was presented by Mladen Kostic, who emphasized the unique project of the European Commission – Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which is implemented by the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

An online platform for promotion of companies, business projects and negotiating business (B2B) meetings with potential partners was also presented at the roundtable, and it will be available through the web site.


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