Family Business: 800 Families in Bugojno own Raspberry Plantations

raspberriesAssociation of raspberry growers, that will operate under the name “Malina Bugojno“, has been established in Bugojno.

On this way, preconditions for even more profitable raspberry production, whose cultivation is in expansion in municipality Bugojno i n recent years, were created.

“We analyzed the situation in raspberry greenhouses and determined priorities for the next period. First of all, we want to protect raspberry growers when it comes to legal issues, to solve the problem related to the protection of possible infectious diseases, and provide a qualitative product, that will be able to meet criteria of the European Union. We will also try, through certain projects, to solve the issue of lack of water where it is expressed. Also the priority is the additional development of our agronomists, and making an evidence of all those whole deal with raspberry cultivation, with the insight into cultivars that are grown and surface on which they are located“, said Mirza Vrebo, president of the Association.

He emphasized that, thanks to the support of local government, and especially Chief of the Municipality Hasan Ajkunic, the Association got premises in the former building of a Territorial defense, where raspberry growers will be able to get all needed information.

There is currently from 180 to 200 hectares of land under the raspberry greenhouses in the municipality Bugojno, and around 800 families own plantations of various raspberry cultivars.




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