77th Anniversary of the famous Battle of Sutjeska marked at Tjentiste

Organized by SABNOR Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 77th anniversary of the famous Battle of Sutjeska, one of the most difficult but also the most glorious battles in the Second World War, was marked on Saturday in the Valley of Heroes in Tjentiste, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

The commemoration of this historic event this year was carried out in specific conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there was no mass gathering of anti-fascists from BiH and the region.

Flowers were laid at the memorial, where more than three thousand anti-fascists were buried, and evoked memories of the time when partisan units managed to break through the hoop of a much superior enemy.

The Valley of Heroes sent messages that the ideas of the National Liberation War should be an inspiration for the gathering of all anti-fascists and that the tradition of anti-fascism in this area is more than necessary.

“It is high time for all citizens and peoples of BiH and beyond to unite in one anti-fascist front and gather around three simple things, freedom in the broadest sense of the word, equality in every place and equality in every place and only then all the differences imposed on us by our opponents as the main topics, will go to waste and we will have a happier future,” said the president of SABNOR BiH Sead Dulic.

(Photo: Fena)

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