77th Anniversary of the Battle for the Wounded and Victory over Fascism marked in Jablanica


Around hundred anti-fascists marked the 77th anniversary of the Battle for the Wounded on Saturday and the Day of Victory over Fascism on the plateau of the Battle of the Neretva in Jablanica.

With respect to hygienic-epidemiological measures, the anniversary of one of the most humane battles in the history of warfare was marked more modestly than in previous years, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Several delegations laid flowers by the fire and monuments on the plateau, recalling the days when the Partisans managed to get out of the occupation ring, with some casualties, but also with a great victory over the Chetnik forces, thus gaining free territory.

The president of UABNOR BiH, Sead Dulic, said that even during the pandemic, the hearts of anti-fascists were with those present in Jablanica, and that over time, no matter what others thought about it, the number of anti-fascists in the country and the region is growing.

“We welcome this May 9 at a time when we are witnessing neo-fascism all around us. Military fascism has been defeated, but throughout Europe, the ideas of neo-fascism are still developing. Unfortunately, it is also present in the highest state bodies of our country, from where numerous actions are often created. It is our obligation to talk about it and not to be just anti-fascists, he said, recalling the idea and the effort to hold a mass for Bleiburg victims in Sarajevo this year. That, he says, is an ugly congratulation to the anti-fascists on Victory Day.” The Mayor of Jablanica, Salem Dedić, said that the plateau next to the Battle of the Neretva Museum has always been a place of anti-fascism and philanthropy, and that the people of Jablanica will always experience this place with special reverence.


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