76th Anniversary of the Battle for Wounded on Neretva River marked

Marking of the 76th anniversary of the Battle for Wounded on Neretva River and the 74th anniversary of the victory over fascism began on Saturday in Jablanica by the traditional dropping of 76 flowers in Neretva River.

Afterward, they laid flowers for the ones who gave their lives during the war, followed by a solemn academy with a rich cultural and entertaining program.

“This is an opportunity to recall these historic moments and to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for freedom in the struggle against the fascist conqueror. We remembered the heroic aspirations of the Partisan units in the 4th hostile offensive and paid tribute to them and to all other fighters of the Allied forces in the Second World War, ” was stated from the Association of Antifascists and Fighters of NOR Jablanica.

“Marking of such important dates and important things that have happened in our past is extremely important. Not to recall what it was 76 years ago, of course, and for that matter, but more importantly, we are inspired by the experiences of this sacrifice and the power and will of the people for the future,” Sead Dulić, the president of SABNOR BiH, told reporters.

The marking was attended by anti-fascists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region.

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