“75 Years of ZAVNOBIH-Memory of the Future” to be marked in the City Hall

The central event of marking the anniversary of “75 Years of ZAVNOBIH-Memory of the Future” will take place in the Sarajevo City Hall on Sunday, starting at 8 pm.

In the program, which is directed by Dino Mustafic, more than 70 BH artists will participate, including Ranko Rihtman, Damir Imamovic, Frenkie, Basheskia, numerous actors and musicians, and residents of BiH can watch the live program on BHT1.

Dino Mustafic pointed out that the values of ZAVNOBIH show the necessity of decontamination of the public space from hypocrisy and moral misery in the world in which we live.

“The more time it passes from this historical date, the importance of ZAVNOBIH becomes increasingly important for the future and the survival of BiH in the regional and European sense. ZAVNOBIH does not belong to history, but history belongs to it as a lasting value extremely important for future generations,” Mustafic said, adding that ZAVNOBiH overrides the ideologically reduced dominant narrative of ethnonationalism.

Mustafic announced that the program of marking the anniversary of ZAVNOBiH will bring together the most significant historical facts that portray the time when all progressive forces had a vision of BiH statehood.

The event of marking 75 years of ZAVNOBiH will be preceded by laying of flowers at the places of presidents and secretaries of ZAVNOBiH, Vojislav Kecmanovic and Hasan Brkic, as well as the opening of the multimedia exhibition “History of Virtue” at BiH History Museum at 7 pm.



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