7,411 Persons COVID-19 Positive in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A total of 7,411 people are infected with coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina by noon today, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH.

In the entity of Republika Srpska, a total of 3,340 people were infected, while in the Federation of BiH, 3,994 were registered.

A total of 114,344 samples were tested, of which 42,581 in the RS and 70,319 in the Federation of BiH.

The number of deaths caused by the “COVID – 19” virus in BiH is 235, and of that number, 88 people died in the Federation of BiH, and 142 in the RS. 3,335 people recovered, 1,710 in the RS and 1,602 in the FBiH.

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