72 years ago: Travnik was saved from Allied bombing by the Fog

partizanisOne winter fog in January saved Travnik from destruction in World War II. It happened 72 years ago on today’s day.

Allies aircraft received the order on the 4th of January 1944 to bomb Travnik because the largest barracks in B&H with soldiers loyal to Germany was located there.

The Allies received following instructions: To use the railroad as landmark during the attack on the city and all the military operations should be carried out on each side of the railway tracks. Railroad was passing through the center of town, and all important buildings in the city were placed on the left and right side of the tracks, including the barracks.

On this day, Allies air force flew to Travnik, but there was a surprise for them – Travnik was not even able to see because of a dense fog. Since they could not see the railroad in the city, they decided to follow the tracks outside the city.

However, it was not a railroad that was leading to Travnik, but a local forestry railroad to Vilenica Hill. Without knowing it, air force shelled both sides of the railroad. These bombs have fallen on mostly uninhabited area outside the city, and did not cause any bigger damage, according to portal Historija.ba.

However, one bomb fell on Zitarnica, another one near the cinema “Lasva” and one near the bookshop “Svjetlost”. In this attack died two brothers Masinovic.

If it was not for fog, it is certain that Travnik would be damaged.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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