72 Percent less Passengers transported at Airports in Bosnia

In 2020, a total of 9,771 airport operations were performed at four international airports in BiH, of which 5,896 or 60.34% at Sarajevo Airport, 140 or 1.43% at Mostar Airport, 2,282 or 23.36% at Tuzla Airport and at the Banja Luka airport 1,453 or 14.87%, was published on the website of the BiH Civil Aviation Directorate (BHDCA).

A comparative statistical review of air operations realized during 2019 and 2020 shows a decrease in 2020 by 11,129 or 53.25% in total. Reduced number of operations was recorded at all airports, namely Sarajevo by 7,775 or 56.87%, Mostar by 586 or 79.40%, Tuzla by 1,646 or 41.90% and Banja Luka by 1,110 or 43.31%, compared to 2019.

A comparative overview of transported passengers during 2019 and 2020 shows a decrease in the number of passengers served at airports in BiH by 1,395,753 or 72.71% during 2020 compared to 2019. A drop was recorded at all airports.

The total number of transported passengers at all four airports in BiH in 2020 is 523,839, of which 259,904 are arriving and 263,935 are departing.

123,240 passengers landed at Sarajevo International Airport and 126,402 departed, which is a total of 249,642 passengers or 47.65% of the total number. 669 landed in Mostar and 725 flew, which is a total of 1,394 passengers or 0.27%, while 115,351 landed in Tuzla and 113,548 flew, which is a total of 228,899 passengers or 43.70% and 20,644 landed in Banja Luka, and 23,260 flew, which is a total of 43,904 passengers or 8.38%.

The total cargo transported by air is 2,413 tons, of which 887 tons were loaded and 1,526 tons were unloaded.

A total of 875 t of cargo was loaded at Sarajevo International Airport, and 1,403 t were unloaded, which is a total of 2,278 t.

At Tuzla airport, 12 tons were loaded and 8 tons were unloaded, while 115 tons were unloaded at Banja Luka airport, and no cargo was loaded during 2020.

No cargo traffic was recorded at Mostar Airport in 2020. During 2020, a total of 182 tons of mail were transported by air, of which 40 tons were loaded and 142 tons were unloaded.

All recorded mail traffic in 2020 was performed from Sarajevo Airport.

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