5th April – Day when Sarajevo and BiH are defended

YUGOSLAVIA-BOSNIAN SOLDIER-SERBIAN SNIPERSOn 5th April, in Sarajevo, demonstrations for peace were held, at which citizens of the BH capital asked the aggressor Serbian forces to remove barricades and to withdraw.

Members of SDS, snipers were shooting on demonstrators from the roof  of Holiday Inn hotel.

After demonstrations held on Marijin Dvor, gathered citizens headed for, in that time, Vrbanja bridge.

Once the mass headed for the bridge, shots were heard from nearby objects. First, Suada was shot, and then few minutes later Olga as well.

When dying, Suada asked “Is this Sarajevo?“, Olga died on the way to hospital. Several persons were wounded that day, among whom were children as well.

On the bridge, where they are killed, there is a memorial plate for the two of them as the first victims of the aggression in Sarajevo. On the plate writes: “A drop of my blood gushed out and Bosnia hasn’t dried out“.

Dragan Vikic, commander of the Special Police of the MIA of RBiH, will never forget that 5th April.

Also the revolt among the citizens woke up, said he, because all those who felt BiH as their country, wanted to fight, otherwise it was not possible…

“On that day, I saw in the eyes of people that Sarajevo will not fall, that we will stop that strong machinery, although naked and barefoot. Sarajevo was defended at first, because if it fallen, who knows what will happen to us. Bosnia and Herzegovina would no longer existed“, emphasized Vikic.

Today, 20 years after the war, it all remains in memories.

(Source: nap.ba)

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