53.26 Percent of Voters voted at BiH General Elections

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) Central Election Commission (CIK) has announced the results of citizens’ exit on general elections.  Until 7 p.m., 53.26 percent of BiH citizens voted. This is, however, slightly less than the previous general elections, when the percentage was 54.47.

There are no complete results for Bijeljina and Banovici and few smaller municipalities, but when data for all municipalities are available, the total and final percentage of output should be higher by one or two percent, CIK said at the press conference here.

The largest number of people voting at today’s elections was recorded in smaller cities, and in some places the percentage was close to 60.

“The elections were fair, despite some announcements that there would be problems,” said CIK President Branko Petric.

First incomplete election results will be announced at midnight by CIK.

At the general elections,  57.26 percent of voters voted in Republika Srpska,  in the Federation of BiH 51.1 percent and 46.81 percent in Brcko District.

“In total, 1,733,000 or 53.26 percent of voters voted on general elections in BiH,” said Petric, adding that 3,769 voters voted on unconfirmed ballots.

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