520.754 KM For Water Supply in Four Neighborhoods in Sarajevo

voda1-300x270The municipal council of Centar in Sarajevo adopted at the 8th meeting conclusions on the project of water supply in the areas of Nahorevo, Betanija, Šip and Poljine, which anticipates the start of construction. For this purpose, 520.754 KM are planned from this year’s budget.

This decision was preceded by a lengthy discussion and pauses for an agreement on expanding the list of locals who will receive drinking water. Councilor Haris Fazlagić (SBB) explains that the capacity of the reservoir cannot supply all and priority should be permanent residents of these areas.

“With 156 households in Nahorevo, we accepted the proposals of other citizens that have submitted their lists. The realization of the first phase of the project will begin right away, and we have committed ourselves to the problems of water supply, according to available resources, and we will solve our mandate’’, said Fazlagić.

Councilor Slaven Kovačević (SDP) said that the intention is in the first phase to include as many locals, to whom water, apart from being a necessity, is a resource for economic activities that are being carried out. In the second phase, Councilor Edin Šikalo (SDA) insisted to begin to tackle the problems that the citizens of Šip are facing.

Councilors eventually embraced the initiative of the Mayor Dževad Bećirević for the persistent problems of the citizens of these neighborhoods to discuss their supply of water from the fire tanks at every third session instead of at each session. The reason for this is that preparations for the realization of this project are in the final stages.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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