512 Millionaires live in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

millionaires in BiHRelevant banking institutions announced the news about the strong growth regarding the savings of BH citizens who currently have more than 9.4 billion BAM in their accounts.

There are currently 512 millionaires living in Bosnia and Herzegovina – people who have a million BAM or more in their accounts in commercial banks. Their joint accounts amount to 630 million BAM, which means that some of them have more than one million on their accounts. The wealthiest of which is one well-known musician, whose name cannot be published from obvious reasons, who has 32 million BAM on his account, and among multimillionaires there are several famous names from the world of sport, showbiz and private entrepreneurship.

This data is the result of the extensive research of Slobodna Bosna, spurred by official information about the record growth of savings deposits of BH citizens in commercial banks. At the end of April this year, savings of BH citizens exceeded the amount of 9.5 billion BAM and it is already certain that until the end of the year, this amount will break the barrier of 0 billion BAM.

In the last few years, savings of citizens are growing rapidly, at an extremely high rate of 10% year on year, which is five times more than the real growth of gross domestic product.

(Source: ekapija.ba/ Photo: slobodna-bosna.ba)

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