50,000 Free of Charge Textbooks for Students in RS Entity

The Government of the Republika Srpska has made a decision according to which all students of the first, second, third and fourth grade of primary schools in RS will be provided with free textbooks from the next school year 2021-2022. year, said the Minister of Education and Culture of RS Natalija Trivic.

Trivic stated that about 50,000 elementary school students will receive free textbooks. 

She pointed out that this is an additional allocation of 2.5 million BAM, and that this year's total allocations of the Government for those and other student needs and categories are 5.5 million BAM.

Trivic said that this decision, along with earlier decisions on free books, will cover more than 50 percent of the total student population of primary schools in RS. 

By the decision of the Government, all students from the first to the second grade have had free textbooks so far, and the new decision also covers primary and third grade elementary school students. 

Trivic expressed hope that the new school year will begin on September 1, but pointed out that it will depend on the epidemiological situation regarding the coronavirus, Srna news agency writes.

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